Family Album

I know the code. Let me in.

This section of the site contains images that may be of interest to family and friends, but even that might be a stretch.

You will be prompted for a username and password when you select the link above. Enter any of the following pairs to gain access (all in lowercase with NO spaces):

  • Username: Phyllis' High School team mascot
    Password: Phyllis' maiden name
  • Username: Robert's Fraternity
    Password: Phyllis' Sorority
  • Username: Robert's Male High School Guidance Counselor's First Name (___ Wilbur)
    Password: Robert's Female High School Guidance Counselor's First Name (____ Riblinger)
  • Username: Where Robert worked from 1985-1990
    Password: The product Robert worked with for 10+ years (plural)
  • Username: Robert's brother's name
    Password: The name of Robert's cousin
If you don't know any of these pairs, then we probably don't know you. If you still want to see these pictures, send us mail to convince us you are not a stalker, then we'll let you in.